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ProCrysta is dedicated to bringing innovative treatments to patients with unmet medical needs. Infectious diseases are the second leading cause of death worldwide, after heart disease. Tuberculosis (TB) is still a devastating global health problem causing about 2 million deaths each year.  Main reasons for increase in TB cases are due to higher vulnerability of people infected with HIV/AIDS and development of drug-resistant strains. Worldwide there are 440,000 multidrug resistant TB (MDR-TB) cases and about 5.4% of MDR-TB cases are extremely drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) cases. Inadequate treatment or improper use of the anti-tuberculosis medications remains as an important cause of drug-resistant tuberculosis. Therefore, there is a demand for simpler or patient compliant, safer, and faster healing effective drugs that can treat all forms of TB especially in immuno-compromised people with HIV/TB co-infections.

ProCrysta’s lead product, PCB101 is a novel protein therapy, highly specific, and potent against the targeted bacteria for the treatment of tuberculosis. ProCrysta successfully cloned, expressed and purified target protein and showed positive results in vitro. PCB101 is moving forward into in vivo studies. Part of this program was supported by National Institutes of Health.


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