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ProCrysta’s proprietary Crystal formulation technology provides several advantages to drug delivery. These distinctive crystal formulations eliminate the need of chemical modifications, encapsulations or conjugation on proteins for controlled release profile. Protein crystals can be formulated for oral, pulmonary, sub Q and topical applications.

  • Control release formulation: Crystals can dissolve easily when the crystallization buffer is replaced. The dissolution property of crystals can be manipulated by formulating crystals to release fully functional protein at an appropriate rate. This controlled release enables release profile for longer time without the need for frequent dosing. This expertise can be utilized to therapeutics like hormones, antibodies and enzyme drug candidates.
  • High concentration formulations: Crystal formulations are suspensions and less viscous compared to soluble proteins. Proteins crystals can be formulated at high protein concentrations (>100mg/mL) with low viscosity and can be administered with fine gauge needles. The added advantage of these formulations is IV administrations can be switched to subcutaneous for better patient convenience and compliance.


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