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Protein crystals by definition are the most pure form of protein. At ProCrysta, first crystallization condition is identified using pure protein. Then the condition is optimized to crystallize target protein directly from different crude sources including fermentation broths, cell culture media and transgenic sources. The process is reproducible and scalable to produce manufacturing scale batches under cGMP procedures. Numerous advantages include.

  • High purity and high yields: Crystallization process selectively crystallizes the protein of interest out of mixture of proteins and accomplishes purity and yields of proteins superior to conventional purification methods. Loss of protein is much less and reduces steps in purification process. Depending on protein, typical yields for crystallization is between 75-90% and the purity of the protein is above 90%.
  • Fewer steps and less time:  Crystallization process includes simple steps such as diafiltration, concentration of crude starting material, addition of crystallant and mixing in a vessel. Once crystallized crystals can be harvested and washed using centrifugation or TFF. The process time is optimized for 16-24 hours.
  • Simple instrumentation and reduced cost: Crystallization process can be performed in a closed environment, tank containing protein with overhead propeller and the crystallant. Most of the proteins crystallize at room temperature. Crystallization reduces the use of chromatography columns to very minimum and thus reduces the cost.
  • Storage options: Crystals are more stable at room temperature for longer time compared to soluble protein providing cost effective storage and longer self-life. Crystals can be stored in same crystallant until processed further for formulation.


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