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ProCrysta’s streamlined scientists provide faster and cost effective solutions for crystallization, purification and formulation of proteins. Analytical characterization and method development services according to ICH guidelines are also provided for your drug candidates under development.

Protein crystallization:

ProCrysta offers complete crystallization from screening to process scale up in 3 phases. This process can be applied for purification of protein from crude sources.

  • Screening: Screening for crystallization conditions using hanging drop vapor diffusion method is performed following analytical characterization of a soluble protein to confirm its purity, activity and homogeneity. Plates are observed for crystals and promising conditions. This is step is completed in 1-3 months and requires about 200-500mgs of protein.
  • Micro-batch Optimization:  Once crystallization conditions are found, they are optimized for micro-batch crystallization. Then crystals are tested for protein integrity and activity before and after crystallization. Batch crystallization optimization experiments are performed with special attention aiming for best yields, shorter process time, desired crystal shape and size using GRASS reagents. This step can take 1-2months and requires about 500mg to 1 gram of protein for 1mL scale crystallization.

    Hanging drop hit: Thin hair-like
    soft crystals with precipitates
      Batch crystals: Defined, stronger,
    cleaner crystals

  • Process Scale-up: In this step, batches are scaled-up from 1mL. Scale up batches can vary from 100mL to 1L. The effects of pH, temperature, and concentrations of different crystallization components are studied to ensure quality of the protein crystals and cost effectiveness of the process. Depending on the final goal of crystallization, the process can be optimized for purification of the protein and/or for formulation purposes.
  • Tech Transfer: The process can be transferred to client facility or cGMP facility after 100mL-1L scale optimization for further scale up and manufacturing.


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